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About Us

In 2006, after executive-producing Nick Love's 'Outlaw' award-winning producer Gene Fallaize created a new branch of his company GFP to incorporate a new motion picture sector, focusing on producing new material and encouraging fresh talent into the motion picture business. From its UK offices, Cupsogue Pictures initially worked alongside British production company Fenestra Films to source fresh talent, and held auditions for local film talent in the UK for its future projects.

In 2007, Cupsogue Pictures co-founded the motion picture production alliance Associated World Pictures (AWP); a joint venture between Cupsogue Pictures, Fenestra Films, RWTV, GFP, Raezorcut, Abe Productions, and BDH Films. Together they formed a truly unique film production network designed to cross promote movies and seek out local talent for global motion picture and television productions. Cupsogue Pictures grew from strength to strength throughout 2007, securing a further ten production deals (including nine films and one TV series), and building links with the major film studios.

In January 2008, Cupsogue Pictures went global, when after months of planning, we opened our offices in Hollywood, California. In February 2008 we secured a deal to provide the New York Film Academy with Producers and Directors for their students short and feature productions. Also in 2008 Cupsogue Pictures' first tent pole project 'Monkeyshine' was released. In 2009 Cupsogue produced 'Level Playing Field', a sci-fi short about two people stuck in a real-life video game unable to escape. 'Level Playing Field' was the first of Cupsogue's releases to feature heavy CGI visual effects.

In 2010 Cupsogue produced shorts 'Yoghurt' and 'Ari'. That year also saw the release of Cupsogue Pictures' first live stand-up comedy recording of 'Tom Toal: On the Scrapheap' which was released on DVD later that year.

In 2011 Cupsogue produced, marketed and distributed the ground-breaking 'Superman: Requiem', which was an experimental feature-length fan-film designed to bridge the gap between the commonly known 'amateur' fan-film community with the major studios. Director Gene Fallaize's unique vision was to create a fan film like no other by having the highest possible production values on a film with a budget of only $20,000. Superman: Requiem was released online on November 11, 2011 after a gala Premiere in London's Odeon Covent Garden, and has gained a large following from comic book fans around the world.

In 2012 Cupsogue produced and distributed the first part in the War Stories trilogy, 'The Extraction', as well as claustrophobic drama 'Fractured'. 2013 saw the release of 'Mistaken' which Cupsogue produced, followed in 2014 by 'The Woods of Daemar'. In 2014 Cupsogue Pictures was awarded the Excellence In Film & Media Award at the United States Excellence Awards awarded by the the United States Trade & Commerce Institute. 

2014 saw the production and release of the multi award-winning 'Contact Lost' directed by Gene Fallaize, followed in 2016 by the crime comedy 'Taking Care of Business'. In 2017 Adam Southwick joined Cupsogue Pictures, and produced horror/thriller 'Cain Hill', which has since secured worldwide distribution on streaming and physical media.

In 2020 Emily Hasseldine joined Cupsogue, and the company began a restructure focussing on production, which led to the green lighting of sci-fi/thriller 'Beneath' which is currently in production .

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